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We provide legal advice on all aspects of global intellectual property law, including patents, trademarks, copyrights and other related Intellectual Property rights.

JZMC provides high value-added IP consultancy services related with clients’ IP invention creation, management, operation and protection. IP consultancy service is of great importance to comprehensively promote clients’ IP asset value, assist and improve clients’ business operation.

In the phase of invention creation and protection, we help and support enterprises to perform a patent strategic program, actively track competitors, analyze existing technologies and draft a patent map, to help enterprises to actively seize patent technology blank spots, form a patent layout, thereby helping to occupy preponderant position in competition, minimize legal risks, and safeguard enterprises’ right. In the phase of IP operation, we deeply mine every patent’s potential commerce operational objects and approaches and create the greatest commercial value for enterprises via the assessment of patented technologies, license and exploitation of patents, as well as investment portfolio of patents. In the phase of IP management, we construct an IP management framework and develop an IP management system suitable for enterprises, and employ an advanced patent database system, so as to promote the enterprises’ IP management.